Sir, this is the Four Seasons..

In Punta Mita Mexico, about 26 miles north from Puerta Vallarta, is a sprawling Four Seasons Resort that is about the closest thing to heaven that you can find on earth.

I cashed in my American Express points for a 7 day stay in paradise.

Poolside, It sort of goes like this. You walk toward the pool area, you are approached by a Four Seasons service staff who asks where you would like to sit, and they follow you with plush towels, and a fitted terri cloth cover for your lounge chair.

I happen to like the far end of the pool, which attracts the Iguanas that hang around in packs behind the jacuzzi area – and they tend to wander off and sun their big heads in the oddest places.

So- after my service staff finishes with covering the lounge chair, and also after he has brought me my beer and tecquilla, he parks himself back about 30 yards away in await for the next guest.

I happen to wander away for a second, when all of a sudden a bird lands on my lounge chair, and takes the tiniest poop you could imagine. Enough to just barely fit on my pinky nail.

Don’t ask me how, but within an instant, my service guy comes darting over to me with another fitted towel, and without ever looking down at my chair asks, ‘Sir, do you mind if I change your towel?’.

At this point, I am amazed. I hardly noticed the bird and his poop, yet this guy seemed to have noticed it from almost 30 yards away. So- just to make sure he ‘did in fact’ see what I saw, I asked him why he needed to change it. With a slightly embarrassed look, he responds- ‘Sir, a bird has had an accident on your towel’.

How did you know that?, I said. There is no way you could’ve seen that.

His response: ‘Sir, this is the Four Seasons’


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